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Reader post by: the1kingarthur 
Posted on: Wed Feb 14 07:10:15 PST 2007

The introduction of high tech, and the computer age to the masses was a monumental point in history. Historical advances in medicine, transportation, and environmental protection are only a few examples of what has been accomplished.

With all the advances high tech and the computer age has given us there are two horrific tragedies occurring.

Companies and politicians who have other wise never developed any form of technical innovation grandstand and take credit for the blood sweat, and tears of others. How can anyone forget ? Hello I?m Al Gore and I invented the Internet.? My God what kind of person could do that, and then later attempt to defend it.

Then there are the companies that hire an army of lawyers and patents innovations that the creators felt it was necessary for the advancement of civilization to offer it free, or innovations that were lost in the endless libraries of the world.

Companies with the sole purpose being to sue simply to make a profit from the blood, sweat and tears of others with no concerns how it would affect the high tech industry, their community, or even the world.

The other tragedy is giving science, high tech, and computers to those whose only concern is to jump on the fad of mass destruction, or injuring someone who cannot defend their selves just for the thrill or to get a laugh. An excellent example is the Cnet News story ?Teens misbehaving, for all online to watch ?

It?s like giving automobiles to 16 year olds without any teaching at all. A 6 year old can cause a lot of destruction by simply copying the actions of others. ? If I pour this with that. It will make a boom boom.?

The numbers of injuries and deaths increase every month. Pick up a newspaper, watch the news on TV, or hit the news sights like Cnet, CNN, or Fox. It is tragic. Lets start a new fad. Let?s teach our children the basics, and what is really important. Parents stop pushing your children off on video games, or the Internet when you think you need a brake or someone to watch them


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